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"A unique approach to serious games and experiential learning"

What is ReactLS? Dreamteam

What is ReactLS?

ReactLS is our unique training game engine that allows you to practice, apply and improve a wide range of soft skills through a blend of decision making, insightful tailored feedback and game elements all wrapped up in an engaging story.

Experiential Learning

ReactLS has been designed to emulate the way we gain on-the-job experience, using storytelling, anecdotes, interactive scenarios and reactive decision making. Learn from your mistakes, and gain valuable feedback and insight all in a safe virtual environment where you’re free to try different approaches without the worry of real-world consequences!

Fully Customisable

The ReactLS game engine is fully customisable and can be adapted for soft skills training in any industry. We'll work with you to create stories and content specific to your organisation, our team will do the rest. The system has an efficient authoring tool allowing us to create bespoke new concepts and content for a cost comparable with standard eLearning.

Learning Outcomes

ReactLS can teach a wide variety of subjects in a truly engaging way.

Team working and management


Compliance and procedure

Ethical issues

Industry specific issues

Employment law

And much more

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ReactLS Features

ReactLS has a number of unique features that set it apart from other forms of training.

Experiential Learning

ReactLS matches the way people gain most of their on-the-job experience using reactive scenarios and anecdotes.

Challenging Game Engine

ReactLS realistic game elements, to engage learners and encourage self learning and competition.

Engaging Stories

The interactive stories are built using engaging scenarios, animations and illustrations to bring the subject to life.

Psychometric Report

Learn more about yourself, and your management style through the embedded psychometric analysis within the game.

Team Working and Management Training

Powered by ReactLS, DreamTeam is an out-of-the-box team management training game where you lead a newly formed team through the trials and tribulations of a six month project. The story changes depending on the decisions you make and you’ll get specific feedback and advice based on those decisions along the way.

As the team leader you will need to make decisions that will affect the team and direction of the project. You’ll need to balance the needs and requirements of team members with the project deliverables, whilst juggling budget and your available time.
Choose wisely!

The Story

There are different ways to manage your team, depending on how you like to do things. You can be empathetic or strict, task focussed or people focussed, a stickler for the rules or a maverick, or a mixture of all these.

Gain valuable insight

The game engine logs your actions and decisions within the game and crunches the numbers to give you a detailed psychometric report so you can see where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and where you might look to improve.

The Game Engine

Scoring within the game is designed to reflect the complex decision making often necessary in management. A good understanding of personality types, forward planning, and leadership principles will certainly help!

ReactLS In Action

DreamTeam - Business Simulation Game

Learn from your mistakes and successes, and gain valuable feedback and insight all in a safe virtual environment where you’re free to try different approaches without the worry of real-world consequences!

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We were looking for an engaging leadership training solution for our managers, DreamTeam met all our needs, and then some! It was a massive success and very popular with all involved.

-Lee Brooker-

Learning and Development Manager


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